eBook di filosofia: S.L. Uckelman, Modalities in Medieval Logic



Sara L. Uckelman, Modalities in Medieval Logic

Tesi di dottorato discussa nel 2009 presso l’Università di Amsterdam.

The title of this dissertation, Modalities in Medieval Logic, combines two temporally distinct and seemingly disparate fields of logic. The use of term ‘modalities’ in the plural, as opposed to ‘modality’ in the singular, is one of the hall-marks of recent developments in logic, which recognizes that there is no single ‘correct’ choice of modality, but that rather a range of modalities can be fruitfully studied with the tools of formal modal logic. This modern view can be contrasted with the distinctly non-modern view of logic indicated by the other part of the title, ‘medieval’, which brings to mind the narrow and rigid formal system of syllogistics
and Scholasticism.
This apparent discrepancy between the two parts of the title immediately raises the question of what can possibly be gained from combining modern logic and…

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